WARNING:  This site contains a crapload of information about the game Final Fantasy VII.  In other words, this site contains spoilers.  This site also contains scattered spoilers for other video games/movies/books and other spoilable things.  I've tried to mark specific spoilers at the top of each page, but read at your own risk (this is especially true for the blooper topics).


Need help with some of the trickiest parts of Final Fantasy VII?  Try this:

FFVII Frequently Asked Questions

And for those of you that like a cheap laugh, try these:

Defcon999's Blooper Series
Bayside Player's Blooper Topic
Excelerator3F's Blooper Topic
Talic300's Blooper Topic

Are you an Asshat?  If so, welcome to the new homepage.  If not, well...this section will only serve to confuse you or make you wish you were an Asshat.  Or make you glad you're not...or possibly both.

Final Fantasy VII Survivor

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I'll keep track of the biggest updates with the Site History:

4/22/04:  Started the site.  Posted the main twenty Frequently Asked Question topics.  Posted the Bloopers section.  Started the Useless Link section.

4/25/04:  Posted the Reviews link in the hopes that some people will send in humorous reviews.

5/10/04:  It took me about two weeks, but I finally figured out a way to access the university's network from home, so I'm once again able to update the site.  For a while it looked like I was going to have to wait until the next semester to update anything.  Or stop at the university's computer lab after work every once in a while...But that just would never have happened.

6/6/04:  Finally had an excuse to update this site again.  Added the Survifour pages, although it's painfully slow to send in updates to the servers from a dial up connection.  Each one makes me want to smash something...

6/18/04:  Added Bayside Player's entire FFVII blooper file.

8/17/04:  Added excelrator3f's entire blooper topic too.  I've changed a few minor things as well, but nothing too important.

8/19/04:  Thanks to some screenshots provided by shadow, I added a much better section for Alexander and Added Cut.  I also added a section for the location of the Magic Counter materia in the crater.

11/9/04:  Thanks to Nick, I was able to move all of the site to Gensou, which means no more extremely limiting space constraints.  Hopefully, I managed to move everything without breaking any of it, but if you find something that's not working correctly, please contact me about it.

11/13/04:  Thanks to another screenshot provided by shadow as well as a bunch of data provided by Terence, I posted a section for Bone Village.

12/21/04:  Added Talic300's ill-fated blooper topic.

4/11/04:  Moved everything to the Brink, a domain I recently got.  That'll make it much easier to put whatever the hell I want up here.

4/17/06:  Um, yeah, been a while since I updated much here.  >_>  Changed some stuff in the chocobo breeding page, and hopefully this summer, I'll redo a bunch of the other stuff too.  Especially if shadow or anyone else is willing to help.  <_<