Yes, that's right.  On this page, I will post GameFAQs users' reviews of the site and of myself.  Obviously, there will have to be some rules for this.

I)  Keep it TOS friendly, or I won't post it.  If you must say something bad, at least take the time to think of a clever way of phrasing it without using inappropriate language.

II)  I'm open to criticism in all forms.  Whether it's positive or negative, I'll post it.  But to make sure there's no BS going on, I will require your GameFAQs username, and a link to your profile to validate your Email address (which means make sure that you Email me from the Email listed in your public profile).  Take note that I will be posting your username with the reviews, and I also reserve the right to comment on your reviews.  So, who will be the first daring individual to make a review?

With those two rules in mind, you can write your opinions of the site and myself and Email them to me at

11/29/2004:  OMG, t3h 1337 ff7 site. NOT. At least get a layout. It's green on white. Go you! You also need to learn XHTML. That means using quotes. And lowercase letters. It's like a LUEless GameFAQs with more MP3 and Spotters. On another note, my AOL friends do not understand your complex language with words like "you", "for", and "review". Use "u", "4", and "omgftwfwtfwfwf" instead, please. Last, the content is nice. Of course I knew all of it already. Because I beat the game. Too many times. I'm going to shut up now.  ns1987

Comments:  Perhaps you need to go back to pre school and learn what GREEN looks like.  Also, less reviewing, more coding private boards/inverted post order/collapsible board categories plz.  >_>

6/25/2004:  "I managed to ingest pieces of your site, and Poison Control told me to induce vomiting to avoid death. Good news is, all I had to do was look back at the page to puke. Thanks a lot." Bey

Comments:  Glad I could be of assistance.  See, this site is good for something!

6/16/2004:  "Congratulations, you've done the impossible: creating a site that looks almost as bad as BethanyM. Now excuse me while I vomit.  Yours truly, SomeRandomGuy" SomeRandomGuy

Comments:  DISCLAIMER - SRG's views do not reflect the views of this site, its owners, or its affiliates. <_<  Glory and praise to GameFAQs!  Long live GameFAQs! >_>

6/12/2004:  "Wow, nice job Deffy, you made a totally useless site, I think most of this crap was already covered on a little site called GameFAQS. If we wanted to listen to stupid ramblings we would at least go read entertaining ones like on Maddox. I dont even know why I am at your site, oh yeah, because you keep telling me to go and send in a review or some other crap like SurviFOUR. What the eff kind of title is that anyway? Four words: You need to Die." FF123456789andmore

Commetns:  That's right, dance puppet, DANCE!  I own your ass.  You can't help but follow my supreme orders.  Now go learn how to write sentences without using so many commas, jackass.

5/12/2004:  "All I have is one word. WOW. This is an awsome site, and believe me, I am not easily amazed by this kind of...WOW! There's a site that tells you how to make a sailor's hat out of newspaper! Hahahaha, that is the coolest site ever! Ahem...on a more serious note, I like your site a heckuva lot better than most FFVII sites out there. At least yours isn't chock full of Tifa pics(mainly showing pics of her being knocked out by Ultimate Weapon). Plus, my Internet's slow, meaning your bland site works quite smoothly and quickly. Yeah, yeah, your bloopers made me laugh on the inside a LOT. Nice work." MetalGearSolidBoy

Comments:  Hmmm...I'm getting the impression that you might actually be serious...Well, whatever floats your boat.  Or in this case, your paper boat hat.  (Note to self: Add pictures of Tifa to every page so less people will like the site.)

5/10/2004:  "Your site looks worse than the new GameFAQs format." themanwithmanybuttss

Comments:  Ouch.

4/30/2004:  "To review this website properly would require me to use lauguage so offensive and vile I would be forced to mark MYSELF for flaming! You wasted five minutes of my life, and I want them back!...Oh, I'd just waste them anyway. (Hans Molman(?) from the Simpsons)" willythemailboy

Comments:  Somehow, I doubt that you're capable of using "lauguage" beyond the abilities of a common junior high student.  Learn how to use a dictionary or spellcheck before you talk crap about people, fool.

4/29/2004:  "An inexcusable waste of kilobytes.  Why bother to make a site that only contains things that can already be found in dozens of other locations, especially when those other locations look better?  Seriously, you're just embarrassing yourself.  I'd rather scald my eyes with someone else's bile than look at this site again.  But thanks for posting my bloopers.  I just hope none of this site's horridness rubs off on them..."  Defcon999

Comments:  Don't worry jackass, I'll have plenty of bile ready to go for you once I read a few of those bloopers and vomit until I pass out.  Enjoy scalding yourself.


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