Final Fantasy VII Survifour

Final Fantasy VII Survivor



Welcome, Asshats, to the official Survivor homepage.  This is still under development, as I'm not quite sure exactly what I'll be putting up.  It kinda looks bare right now, since I've removed a lot of the Survifour-specific information to make room for Surfivor, which is now underway.

So...what to put in about some Survivor History?

And definitely the Game Rules.

Here's the Survifour History.
Here is Survifour History - Individual Immunity.  It has the history from Round XV and on, since it takes forever to keep uploading a big file from dial up.

And perhaps a Contestant Information page?  If you want listed, just contact me.

That's all for now, I suppose.  Feel free to make suggestions and/or requests, threats, happy meal orders, or whatever through Email, AIM, or The Brink.