W-Item Duplication Trick

WARNING:  This page contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII.




Due to a programming oversight, you can use the W-Item Materia to duplicate battle-usable items.  Many people consider it "cheating", and I would have to agree.  But unlike a lot of people on the boards, you won't hear me giving anyone any crap for using it.

How do I do the W-Item Duplication Trick?

Say you want to duplicate Elixirs. (You must have W-item on Cloud or whoever)

Get into a battle and move your cursor to the W-ITEM command. Press confirm. Move your cursor to Elixir. Press confirm.  Now press it again to select a target.  You will be back in the item menu.  Go to any other battle-usable item and press confirm. The hand will be out again to select a target. Press the cancel button instead of using the item. Now press confirm again. Now cancel again. Now confirm again.  Now cancel.  Just continue doing this repeatedly until you get 99 of the item you wish to duplicate. 
The glitch will cause the first item (Elixir, in this example) to be duplicated.

What can I duplicate with this trick?

Only items that can be used in battle can be duplicated with this trick.  Which means no armors, weapons, accessories, materia, or key items can be duplicated in this manner.

Do I need two of the item in order to duplicate it?

No.  The first item you select will always be duplicated.  So if you only have one of the item you want to duplicate, make sure you select it first.  Then just select any other battle-usable item and continue with the trick like normal.

Where do you get W-Item?

In the Midgar underground, in the tunnels where you can fight the Turks on disc two.  Going north through the tunnels will take you to the Shinra Building and Hojo, going south through the tunnels will bring you to W-Item after many, many, many useless screens.

If (and only if) you missed the W-Item Materia in Midgar, you can dig it up in Bone Village.  Choose Normal Treasure and dig on the X on the lower level.  It can take a lot of tries sometimes, but eventually you should get it.  Don't worry if you get some other items in the process.  You'll still be able to get W-Item from the same spot.




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