Great Glacier

Great Glacier

WARNING:  This page contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII.  (Actually, it really doesn't, but this is a part of the standard format, and I'm too lazy to change it.  >_>)



Looking for Alexander and/or Added Cut?  Hopefully this will help you out.  This is the map of the Great Glacier:














The aqua-colored lines are just plain old paths that lead from place to place (only the important ones are marked, obviously).  You should notice that three of them lead to the same screen on the far right of the map.

Where's Added Cut?

The screen on the far right with all of the aqua arrows pointing at it has four exits.  The top-left exit will lead straight to the yellow box.  However, the top-right exit will lead to the yellow box through a different path, represented by the *one-way blue arrow heading west.  You can only access this path from here.  You cannot access it by going east from the yellow box.

So, proceed to the screen where all of the aqua arrows converge, and take the top-right path.  You will find yourself walking up some diagonal screens.  Keep your eyes peeled on the little alcoves in the cliffs to your right.  Added Cut is a small blue orb laying in the snow there.  If you're having trouble seeing it, stand still and wait for it to flash.

Where are the Hot Springs?

The hot springs are represented by the yellow box on the map.  They can be reached by taking either of the upper paths from the screen on the far right, and they can also be reached by heading south from the spinning snow field screen (represented by the red check mark).

You MUST touch the hot springs before you can get Alexander.

Where's Alexander?

From the spinning snow field screen (represented by the red check mark), head east along the path in red.  After a few screens, you will find yourself on a screen with a cave in the top-right.  Enter the cave, and fight the enemy there to get Alexander.  You MUST have touched the hot springs first before the enemy will fight you.

You will be standing in the area represented by the purple box now.  You can head west to get back to the spinning snowfield screen, or you can head south along the *one-way path in purple.  This path only goes down.  You cannot go up from the other side.

Can I go back to the Glacier area after the first visit?

Yes.  You can use a green or better chocobo to enter the Glacier at any time.  However, you can't revisit Gaea's Cliff after the first time.

Please don't laugh at my squiggly lines.  I have no artistic talent whatsoever.  A special thanks to shadow666 for providing me with the screenshot of the Great Glacier.  Otherwise, I would have had to draw the entire thing, and people would have been better off just not getting these two materia.  >_>



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