Exiting the Crater

WARNING:  This page contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII.



A lot of people have trouble getting out of the Crater at the end of the game.  Rest assured, you CAN get out.  The small goldish colored circular room with the steamy Mako center is the Point of No Return.  As long as you don't go past that, you can exit the Crater.

Assuming that you are starting from the room where your party members have already collected (the point of no return):

1)  Exit the room from the doorway in the upper right of the screen.

2)  Head to the right of this screen.  When you canít go right anymore, head up.  Jump from ledge to ledge and follow the path until you reach the exit at the top right.

3)  Go left in this room and follow the path.  Itíll take you through most of a circle and youíll end up at the bottom of a pillar in the center of the room.  Climb the front of it and then exit the room at the top left.

4)  Head left and jump from rock to rock again.  When you get to the big one that has a treasure box on it, jump up the rocks near the top left.  Exit the room through the hole in the top left.

5)  Go straight up and exit this room through the top hole.  The next room should look very familiar.

6)  Go to the center of the room.  Climb the rock formations until you get to the exit on the top left.

7)  This could be tricky if youíve never done it before.  When you walk, a bubble will appear over your head every time you get to a spot you can jump at.  Push the Confirm button and Cloud will jump up to the next level.  So:  Jump up to the right from your starting spot.  Take a few steps to your right and jump up to the right again.  Take a few more steps and then jump up to the left.  Immediately jump up to the left again.  And then one more time.  Now run to the left.  Cloud will go behind some rocks and then jump down off of the platform.  Go a little to the right and then walk up through the door.

8)  Walk all the way around this room in a semi-circle.  Exit the hole in the top left of the room.

9)  Turn to the right.  Walk to the center of the room and jump up.  Exit through here.

10)  Go to the left and another bubble will appear.  Press confirm and Cloud will climb up the ledge.  Head upwards in this manner until you reach the top of the screen.  Exit to the next room.

11)  Head right and work your way around this spiral.  This time Cloud will automatically jump when he needs to.  There will be an exit in the middle of the screen at the top of the second loop.  Go through it.

12)  Now carefully head to the right a few steps.  Then push up and confirm until Cloud starts to climb the rocks.  Continue pushing up until Cloud leaves the screen.

13)  Climb the ladder directly in front of you and the man on the Highwind will welcome you.  Go inside the Highwind.

14)  Youíre free.




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