Key to the Ancients

WARNING:  This page contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII.




After a certain event in the game, Bugenhagen will tell you that you need a key.  He mentions that it is in a place where light will not hit it.  So where is it?  Underwater, of course.

Where can I find the Key to the Ancients?

From the dock at Junon, turn the sub North and follow the shallow water up and to the left.  It zig zags all the way towards Bone Village.  When you hit a spot where you canít go north any more, submerge.  You will either be in a tunnel or right next to it.  Either way, float to the end of the tunnel and youíll get the Key.

Where is the City of the Ancients/Forgotten Capital?

On the northern continent, just above Bone Village in a ravine.  The Highwind can land inside of the ravine right next to it, which will save you a lot of time.

What do I do inside the City of the Ancients/Forgotten Capital?

On the main screen, take the left path.  Head up and to the right on this screen.  Walk to the right across the top part of this big room, take the stairs down, and then walk left onto the center area.  Bugenhagen will take care of the rest, assuming you have the Key.




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