Yuffie (Acquiring her)

WARNING:  This page contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII.




Where can I get her?

Any forest on the overworld map that has battles (the Bone Village forest, the forests near the crater on the north continent, and the forest outside of the Ancient Forest don't have battles, so you can't get Yuffie there).  She'll show up as a random enemy named Mystery Ninja.  The first place you can get her is before entering Junon for the first time.

What do I have to do to get her to join me?

After you beat her in a fight, you will find yourself standing on an overworld-like area.  Your party members will be standing behind you, Yuffie will be passed out in front of you, and there is a save point on the screen.  Go immediately to Yuffie and talk to her.  Select these choices as they become available: 

Not interested.


Wait a second!

Thatís Right.

Letís hurry on. 

During the entire time from when the battle ends, do NOT:  Use your menu, use the save point, or try to leave the area.  Anytime you can move Cloud, just go immediately to Yuffie and talk to her.  If you make a mistake, Yuffie will run off and steal some of your money.  Note that the choices will vary slightly depending on which character is leading your party when you get her.

I made a mistake.  Can I still get her?

Yes.  Even if you mess up and she cheeses it, you can still get into some more battles until she reappears.

Is she worth using?

Definitely.  Especially if you get her at the first possible time.  Her stats are good, and she can use her ultimate weapon to do full damage when morphing.  Her Level 4 Limit Break is not good, but you can get it very early.  Still, you'll most likely want to leave her limit level set lower than four.




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