Kingdom Hearts II

Introducing, an older more awkward sounding Hayley Joel Osmond. - 9/10

Review by Cait Sith | Originally Posted: August 15, 2006, 16:15:05
Now, Unfortunetley I was one of the many who was not lucky enough to be able to play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. So if you were like me and went from Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts II the reaction was probably the same; "huh?"

The game starts and throws players into a rather complicated, and much more twisted story then the first. New character models, and err.. "new voices" as in the time it took to make Kingdom Hearts to the actor who played Sora hit puberty, which is quite distracting at first. After a long and drawn out introduction to the game, the player gets thrust into a very framiliar routine. Gummy Ship - World - Gummy Ship - World, etc; However, this time around the Gummy Ship mini-games may make you seriously think about trashing your controller. The worlds are more complex and long, and a new enemy sits in the darkness waiting to attack: The Nobodies.

A spin-off of the Heartless, the Nobodies are bloody frustrating, they have better attacks then the heartless, and are much more difficult to evade.

The worlds were designed well, and each had a very unique feel to it. The biggest complaint would have to have been the fact Atlantica was reduced to nothing but an optional sing-a-long side quest. The game eventually takes a very sharp twist in plot and once again the player is left guessing what comes next.

The climatic finish to the game was amazing, it was constantly suspensefull and very played up. I loved it. Kingdom Hearts II had exactly Kingdom Hearts I was lacking in: developed worlds, plot twists, and difficulty. A definite must play.