Kingdom Hearts II

A must have game - 9/10

Review by kaicel | Originally Posted: May 1, 2006, 12:50:30
At first I was skeptical. I didnt like the original KH and never played the sequel.

But this game is not a let down. Square-Enix made a good job at recreating all the Disney characters you interact with. The dificulty is excellent (you can adjust it).

Graphics and sound are awesome, and the battle system is almost perfect.

Customization is deep. You can synthesize new armor, items, and some weapons. Gummy ship customization will keep you hooked for a long time.

Two new features to the game are the reaction abilities (you have to see it for yourself) and the Gummy ship (yeah I know it's old but ...IMPROVED!!!)

The only drawback I see so far... is most of the boss battles depend on the reaction abilities... but it adds a little more strategy than button mashing.

Enjoy the game.