Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

Oblivion secures itself as an instant classic. - 8/10

Review by Bloodstool | Originally Posted: April 28, 2006, 23:43:17
The question on my mind when I first went to play Oblivion was if it could combine the Morrowind replay value with the enhanced graphics of the 360, and I am happy to say I was generally pleased with the outcome. It immediately imurses you into the story with a gorgeuos movie, and what an interesting storyline at that. While the story was a bit lacking in length, the game still had an enormous amount of things to do. From joining the guilds to just freelancing, the game offered a wide array of quests, and the level based enemies meant that it stayed interresting to the end. Oblivion also boasts very beautiful scenery for those of you that prefer to feel literally in the game. However, Oblivion does have its occasional downfalls. While the game is very similar to Morrowind, they left out or combined several things I felt should have been left well be. For instance, the seperate skills depending on weaponry. I felt this gave the series a dose of realism not often seen in the game industry, but instead were combined into generic skills in Oblivion. Another problem I had with the 360 version was its sometiems choppy and downright lagged gameplay. While it ran smoothly most of the time, I felt that the machine just couldn't keep up with this game and had its downright bad moments. But as I said it is not all the time, and the game more than makes up for any lag in its gigantic list of things to do. It will keep you playing until your eyes bleed. I would definitely recomend picking up a copy and setting aside a few days to just lose yourself in the game.