Pokemon X

A huge improvement over Generation V, and a good entry to the series. - 8/10

Review by Darth Nightmaricus | Originally Posted: October 19, 2014, 18:37:33
NOTE: I added some categories as this is a Pokémon game.

First 3DS game I ever got. This is my first review, so bear with me here.

The graphics are amazing, an easy 8 or 9. The 3D is put to good use.

The music is excellent, a 9. A wonderful score. It's enjoyable to listen to.

Added Functions - 10. Lots of new features. Loved Pokémon Amie. Wireless is so much better. Even though they only increased the number of Pokémon by 72, the new Fairy type more than makes up for it. The Roller Skates are a quicker means of getting around.
Event Pokémon - N/A. We have yet to officially get any events. However, several events have been leaked, and they look promising.
Gameplay - 9. Quick, slow, you pick. You can finally customize your appearance in more than just gender. A new type is introduced, etc.

Story - 8. Great story overall, so much better than BW/B2W2. It's less childish and more serious, and overall is an engrossing storyline.

Final Score: 8/10