One of my all-time favorites, but a bit limited in multiplayer. - 9/10

Review by Deuce | Originally Posted: May 30, 2009, 17:53:24
As long as you don't mind cell shaded art, I highly recommend this game. The single-player campaign has a decent story and excellent music that matches the game's style perfectly, and come on, who doesn't like sneaking up on random soldiers and smacking them in the back with a broom, shovel, pool cue, brick, ash tray, and so forth?

Multiplayer is addictive if you have people to play with, but due to a limited number of stages in the GameCube version, it can get old fairly fast. The bots are also not much of a challenge even on their hardest difficultly in the GameCube version. Luckily, the XBox and PS2 versions provide much more challenge (though mostly through giving the bots the ability to shoot while they're not even facing you and other typical broken gaming elements).

The PS2 version has a special game mode called Power Up Mode that the GameCube version doesn't. Random items will show up that give you increased firepower, armor, speed, and so forth. The XBox version has Sabotage Mode, which is basically a form of king of the hill. The XBox version also has several more stages, which greatly improves its multiplayer playabiliy.

If you're considering picking this up and you have the luxury of choosing which system you want it on, I'd recommend the XBox version so you can benefit from the more difficult bots, more stages, and Sabotage Mode.