Terms of Service

The Rules

Brink provides the services to you, the visitor, based on its Terms of Service outlined here. The latest ToS can always be found here at http://thebrink.us/boards/tos.php. When using the services provided by Brink, you are subject to these posted terms. Using this site denotes acceptance of these terms. The TOS may be changed anytime without notice to individual visitors, so check back here when you have a question or concern. If you cannot find the answer to something here, feel free to ask on Message Board Help.
To register on the Brink message boards, view boards with level restrictions and use other advanced services, you must register with Brink using a valid e-mail. In addition, to comply with United States Law, all registrants must me 13 years of age or older as we do not collect information from children under this age. Upon registration, an Activation Key will be e-mailed to you. You must visit the URL in the e-mail to activate the account. No posting privileges are granted until activation, and inactive accounts may be deleted after 48 hours of creation. Brink does not require you to use your real name or other identification that can be easily traced to you, and the email address you use to register will be kept private.
By viewing the site content, you agree that each individual user is held responsible for the content they have posted and that the staff or the site owner may not be held responsible for the content posted by users. We do not control the content posted and cannot guarantee truthfulness or quality of said content.
Users are responsible for their own accounts. To keep your password from being guessed, you should use something difficult that you will remember and a password that cannot be read by a staff member of another site. Also, you may have multiple accounts on the site, but usermaps are tracked and events warranting one account's banning may result in punishment of your other accounts as well. Therefore you should not share your account with others.
Brink will not release any of your submitted information unless it is required by law or warranted in serious matters. If someone asks for your private information, chances are they are trying to scam you and you should report this at once.
This is an outline of the site rules and by agreeing to this contract, you are agreeing to follow them.
  1. Offensive Posting: Posts that are unnecessarily offensive to other users are prohibited. This includes anything demeaning relating to death, terrorism, religion, and so froth. Racism will also not be tolerated. Don't use racial slurs, even if you're joking.
  2. Flaming/Trolling: Purposely annoying other users isn't allowed. Neither is flaming them, their families, or anything else about them you might feel the urge to flame.
  3. Disruptive Posting: Anything that is detrimental to the flow of conversation can be considered disruptive. This includes posting in all caps, posting long things that stretch the page, posting blank posts, chain posting, inappropriate use of various HTML tags, and so on.
  4. Flooding, Invasions, or Harassment: Flooding any website or invading any website or other media while claiming to be from this site will not be tolerated. We don't want any trouble with other sites. Flooding is multiple disruptive topics as well as just mass posting without actually contributing something to a topic. Do not post private information of other users (emails, IM names, phone numbers, address, or anything else).
  5. Spamming: Posting a link or two to a site that is neat and may interest other users is allowed, but mass posting of a website is prohibited and is grounds for moderation. Feel free to advertise whatever you'd like in your signature or other user-specific space, though.
  6. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS: Every user is responsible for their own actions, both on this site and in real life. If you do anything at all, it is your responsibility alone. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you are agreeing to waive all rights to legal action, civil or otherwise, against the site owners, the company hosting the site, or the site staff.
  7. Respect Scamming: Scamming Respect from either the system of other users is not allowed, and will result in loss of equivalent Respect or purchased items. The following actions are prohibited:
    • Transferring Respect to your own accounts
    • Failing to deliver or pay for a negotiated service or item to a user after collecting Respect
  8. Impersonation: Impersonating another user in any way or claiming to be another user is grounds for moderation.
  9. Unauthorized Access, Bugs, and Exploits Accessing or attempting to access any account not belonging to the user in question without permission is prohibited. Doing so is grounds for usermap axing, and you will also be responsible for any actions that username does while you are in control of the account. Exploiting our code to gain anything not intended by the board design is also prohibited. While you are allowed to try and find exploits away from the public eye to notify the staff, making use of them in any way is prohibited.
  10. Usernames, Profiles, Purchased Items, and Forms Creating offensive usernames is grounds for the suspension of that user's account and so all usernames should be appropriate for the other users on the site. That means no usernames that offend a religion, insult another user directly or otherwise fall into the offensive catagory as outlined above. Profile and moderator feedback moderations are genrally treated more seriously than any other violation listed in this section.
  11. Off-Topic Posting Posting that is outside the board description is known as off topic posting. Usually a moderator will move something that is off-topic to the appropriate topic without a moderation, but if a user has offended this rule multiple times, then moderation will occur.
  12. Extra Features As you gain levels on Brink you will also be able to do more around the site. Everything that has been stated in the above parts of the Terms of Service is not only for the message board. They apply in all the areas of the site, and will be upheld by Brink staff. Any user found to be breaking the Terms of service will be dealt with in the manner that is stated below.
Topics and message posts that violate the TOS will be deleted from the boards, and additional penalties, such as karma or Respect loss, may be applied at the moderator's discretion. Re-posting deleted violations (yours or those of others) is also considered a violation. Messages and topics may be removed at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Brink and its designated moderators. User accounts may be warned, suspended, or revoked at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Brink and its designated moderators. All determinations of what is "acceptable" and "unacceptable" content will be determined solely by Brink and whoever it designates as moderators. You agree that the decision of the moderators and administrators is final, and you may not legally contest their rulings. Intentional, repeated, or severe violations are cause for the banning of your account, all use of the boards from your IP address or your entire ISP, and Brink contacting your ISP or other relevant parties concerning your activities.
The Brink administration reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time without warning.