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From: Deuce | Posted: March 11, 2021, 23:51:18 | Message Detail | Quote | #001
If you noticed that the boards were badly destroyed on the 10th and 11th, it's because the host is now defaulting to PHP7. One of these days, an upgrade or migration will finally damage this place so badly that I can't be bothered to fix it... but not yet.

Aside from a horde of functions and constructs that were no longer valid, the main problem this time was the awful query structure this source uses (which was also what took the boards down around this time in 2019 from another upgrade the host did if you remember that).

On the one in a billion chance that someone else using a similar source might be looking for a fix online, figured I'd post some info here about it. Basically the host set a much lower memory threshold with this install. Attempting to access certain pages (including the main board list) would throw "Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted" errors. This was being caused by the things on the screen that show you counts of stuff, like for example the last ten topics that've been posted in. Or even worse, the number of pending reviews.

For some reason, many of the queries in this source pull back a ton of crap from a table in one function, then use a separate function to do a row count on that giant chunk of data instead of just having the first query return a count. So for example instead of pulling back a count of 4714 for the number of pending reviews (4 bytes), it would pull the entirety of those 4714 reviews into memory (around 56,000,000 bytes), then count them. Still returns the same count of 4714, but uses way more memory in the process.

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Thanks for keeping this place going Deuce. I really do appreciate it
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