Brink Help Files

Board Basics

What can I or can I not post?

You basically shouldn't act like an idiot.

The terms of service outline the rules in more detail.

What happens if I break the rules?

A user will mark your message for moderation, a moderator will review the message, and he or she can remove Karma, delete your message or topic, or close your topic accordingly.

What is Karma?

Karma is the numerical representation of your board status. You earn Karma at a rate of one per day that you post with the account, though you can also lose it in various ways.

Karma is lost when an account is used to post messages that are in violation of the TOS; Moderators can take away up to 10 Karma points from each message. Once karma is lost, it's lost forever, and will not be restored unless the moderation is successfully contested.

As your Karma increases, so does your board level, which grants additional privileges and features on the boards.

What is Respect?

Respect is the currency of the Brink. It can be used to purchase additional board features or to buy things from other users.

How do I earn Respect?

You receive 5 Respect each day you post at least one message on the boards, or you can earn them through interest in the Respect Bank.

What are the board levels?
  • 60: Administrator: Administrator that has full access to the database.
  • 55: Admin: Administrators are responsible for banning, suspending, and the overall control the boards.
  • 53: Lead Moderator: The most senior moderator.
  • 52: Moderator: Can moderate messages and suspend users.
  • 50: New Moderator: Recent addition to the staff.
  • 38: Fadeproof: The highest karma user.
  • 24: ???: Awarded to users with at least 1500 karma.
  • 22: Brinker: Awarded to users with at least 900 karma.
  • 20: Legend: Awarded to users with at least 600 karma.
  • 18: Idol: Awarded to users with at least 400 karma.
  • 16: Icon: Awarded to users with at least 250 karma.
  • 14: Elite: Awarded to users with at least150 karma.
  • 12: Veteran: Awarded to users with at least 80 karma.
  • 10: Regular User: Awarded to users with at least 40 karma. User can now use the bank and shop.
  • 8: New User: User has less than 40 karma. User can now use the edit, tag, and marking features.
  • 6: Provisional: Account recently made. Upgraded to New User with 24 hours of positive karma.
  • 5: Warned: User is on probation for one or more major ToS violations. Restored after 24 hours.
  • 4: Purgatory: User is suspended for an indefinite period of time for one or more major TOS violations.
  • 0: Inactive: This user has not yet activated their account, will be purged if not activated within 48 hours
  • -1: Timed Suspension: User's posting privileges have been suspended for a designated amount of time for one or more Terms of Service violations.
  • -2: Banned: This user has been banned for one more more major violations of the ToS. They will very rarely be restored.
  • -4: Closed: User has requested their account to be closed.
What HTML can I use in posts?

You can use the following tags by default. You can get more by buying them in the Respect shop.

  • <strong>strong</strong>
  • <em>em</em>
  • <u>u</u>
  • <i>i</i>
  • <b>b</b>
  • <spoiler>spoiler</spoiler>